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Sprockets are available in steel and special steel according to norms. They are suitable for  chains of standard pitches. Sprockets are available in standard and special versions (as per Customer’s drawing). Hub pulleys vary depending on hub’s location positioning (please see drawings 2-8). They also come with pilot boring for fixed use or for taper bush (TB).

Układ ułożenia piasty w kole zębatym do łańcuchówSprocket hub types

For special applications the crown face of chain wheel can be heat treated or induction hardened for abrasion resistance and lifespan increase.

Example marking of sprockets

Sprocket  with hub drawing no 2 (without hub optionally – plate drawing no 1)

Sprocket with hub type 12B-1 z=18 with pilot boring

  • Siutable for chain 12B-1
  • Number of teeth  z = 18
  • Pilot boring made according to standard, in case if fixe use it is necessary to indicate the pulley diameter and groove dimensions.


Sprocket with hub for taper bush TB (standard made)

Sprocket with hub type 12B-1 z=18 TB 1610 (example bush accord. to standards)

  • Siutable for chain 12B-1
  • Number of teeth  z=18
  • Coupling type of Bush for sprocket and pulley, in case of order of a full set Sprocket + TB it is necessary to advise the pulley diameter.


Wszystkie wymiary kół oraz tulei do łańcuchów znajdziesz w katalogu SIT-a:

katalog zawiera podstawowe parametry dotyczące kół pod pasy zębate.