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Service of belts

Enitra Sp. z o. o. has 6 service groups all over our country. This gives us the opportunity to quickly respond  your needs.

Enitra -mobilny serwis pasów napędowych i taśm transportujących

Service range:

  • splicing of flat belts up to 1200 mm width.
  • splicing of conveyor belts up to 3600 mm width.
  • splicing of conveyor belts using steel and plastic fasteners.
  • hot/cold splicing of rubber conveyor belts.
  • splicing of PU timing belts with steel or kevlar cords and pitches:  L, H, T5, T10, T20, AT5, AT10, AT20 and more.
  • hot and mechanical splicing of PTFE coated fiberglass or kevlar  belts.
  • hot splicing of PU profiled belts.
  • rubber coating of drumm or special veneer coating for higher friction rate.