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PVC stripe curtain

Kurtyny paskowe PVC

Our PVC curtain door and stripe production program includes:

  • soft PVC foil in full rolls (50 m) or smaller quantity per request,
  • curtain stripe sets for doors cut to desired lenght with fitted stainles steel plates
  • accessories – stainless steel plates and hooks,
  • sliding PVC door – fitted on roller slide,
  • PVC door assembly on Customer’s plant

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Since many years PVC curtain find their industrial purpose. This is why continuous  improvement and range extending is needed.

Most popular and common used are  PVC standard plain transparent curtains .
As alternative to this foil we offer double ribbed foil , which is of more clarity and durability because of its certain surface build in contrast to plain grade surface which is more affected to damage and tear when impacted by forklift traffic.  The new  perforated curtains fulfill two funcions – they are a shield and also provide ventilation at same time. An interesting products are  glowstrip curtains , that are visible at night time or when there is a  lack of electricity.

Welding screens are not a novelty , but still are not of popular use for welding in Poland, probably because of the economic factor. It is a professional solution that surely will became more common used.

Our company provides PVC soft foil in full rolls of 50 m each, cut in desired lenght and fitted with stainless steel plates .
We also provide assembly service for the Customer.

We encourage you to send us inquiries. You can also ask our representative to visit your plant and help you to choose  perfect solution.

Why is it worth to use PVC curtain:

PVC curtains are worth to be used becouse of:

  • heat/cold loss reduction, heat flow control betwen separated areas,
  • draught protection,
  • protection against dust, smoke
  • soundproof (noise reduction by  20-30 dB),

enabling easy  vehicle, forklift and foot traffic at the same time.

PVC curtain advantages:

  • strong and durable
  • easy access for foot traffic
  • fire-fightening safety (made of selfextinguishing material)
  • good selection of types and colours,
  • cold/heat loss reduction,
  • easy assembly
  • cost effective.

PVC curtain door aplications find their purpose in below examples:

  • interior door for staff – foot traffic,
  • interior door light duty  – trolleys, pallet trolleys and rarely forklifts,
  • interior door heavy duty – continuous forklift traffic,
  • exterior door light duty – trolleys, pallet trolleys and rarely forklifts,
  • exterior door heavy duty – continuous forklift traffic,

PVC curtain door assembly instruction