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PU liners (Kryptane sheets)

Poliurethane (PU)  – KRYPTANE, is the most adrasion resistant material. KRYPTANE is the one of the best PU brands considering abrasion resistance. PU sheet liners find their purpose in areas where high abrasion, affection by sharp elements, transportation  direction change and sticky or  greasy  material  appear.

This material comes  as a raw material that needs o be casted or injected in production of elements impacted by working conditions described above.
Other forms are sheets used as liners in below construction types:

There are 7 standard types of sheets available:

  1.  Yellow Kryptane sheets  59 ° Shore A
  2. Red Kryptane sheets 80 ° i 90 ° Shore A
  3. Green Kryptane sheets 83 ° Shore A
  4. Orange Kryptane sheets 83 ° Shore A
  5. Blue-Ox Kryptane sheets 85 ° Shore A
  6. Black Kryptane sheets 93 ° Shore A
  7. Kryptane with  ceramic liners

Standard sheet dimensions: 3050 mm x 1220 mm
Thicknesses available: 6, 8, 12, 18, 25 and 30 mm
Othere dimensions available per request

Kryptane’s aivalable performings:

  • PL – without reinforcement (fastened directly by screws and bars)
  • FB – reinforced with canvas, that has to bel glued to steel
  • MB –reinforced with steel mesh (thickness of 1,5 and 3,4 mm ) from the bottom side (for screw fastening)
  • RB – reinforced with inside steel rods
  • SB – reinforced with steel sheet
  • WELD-DISC – with metal plates for welding

What type of Kryptane siuts which aplication?

  1. Yellow Kryptane is very flexible, hit and shock resistant (for lumps up to 50mm).
  2. Red Kryptane of sliding/percussive abrasion resistance (smooth products: lumps sized up to 5mm), for wet and dry working conditions, even angle of coincidence at around 30 °. Very low friction index enables easy sliding and low adhesion.
  3. Green Kryptane  of  high sliding/percussive abrasion and cut resistance. Siutable for lump handling sized up to 50mm, falling at the angle from 30 ° to 60 ° (aplication: chute instalations,  side walls and hoppers).
  4. Orange Kryptane same as green Kryptane, but also flame retardant (ISO 340).
  5. Black Kryptane is abrasive resistant, siutable for product lump size up to  125mm and larger with angle of incidence ranged 60 ° – 90 °.
  6. Blue-Ox siutable  only for grain, cereal application
  7. Kryptane with  ceramic liners is resistant to extreme impact and abrasion in tip-over areas of negative angle of incidence.