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Material guides and profiles

In our wide range of products we have plastic guides and construction profiles that could be applied to many various industries. The above mentioned products  are suitable for roller chains according to DIN 8187, link chains according to DIN 766/764, for trapezoidal belts , policord (round) and flat belts according to DIN 2215. The guides and profiles come with steel or stainless steel C-rail. Our Supplier is using a state of art machines for production and  due to this fact, there is an availability to produce special profiles, according to Customer’s drawing. Our longstanding and successful cooperation ensures reliable and on time deliveries of highest quality products.

Most often guide and profile materials: 

  • Polyethylene 1000 [PE- UHMW] –of good sliding and self greasing  properties and high impact and damage resistance.
  • Polyethylene 1000 R [PE- UHMW] – of good price relation to its low friction coefficients
  • Polyethylene 1000 A [PE- UHMW] –  of anti-static properties used for electrostatic dissipation, that arises during friction between the belt and guide

Polyethylene properties:

  • very good sliding properties
  • low friction coefficient
  • high impact and damage resistance
  • noise reduction up to 90%
  • good chemical resitance
  • physiologically neutral (test result of PZH)

The standard length of all guides is 2000 mm (length tolerance +0/+7 mm).