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Explosion vent panels

Explosion vent panels are designed by the STIF Company. They meet the essential health and safety requirements for use in explosive atmospheres (Directive 94/9/CE).

Explosion protection

Dust explosion causes silo and other facility damages. An explosion can result from an ignition of a combustible gas, mist or dust when mixed with air during processing, handling or storage operations, hot surfaces or self-ignition (biochemical reactions of damp cereal). The explosion presure inside silo depends on kind of material storeged, its concentration  and igniton energy.

Hypertension of 150÷200 kPa arises during dust explosion inside the silo and it should be discharged by a properly sized explosion panel. This is why the proper number and type of panel should be determinated for  good protection of your installations.

If you want ot select the proper explosion panel please fill out the survey.

Explosion vacuum of lower parameter (up to 60÷70%) or when contener is cleared out,  causes dangerous compression.

Our explosion panels are siutable for vacuum application. 

The main purpose of explosion panel is  providing low pressure resistance effectively eliminating flame and heat emissions of  Pred  parameter. This ensures of safety work for operators and machines.

Depending on requirement there are several types of panel available:

  • flat,
  • bent,
  • curved,
  • round.

Available in a variety of sizes and versions such as: with silicone FDA gasket, with counter-flanges, anti-UV and bad weather protections.

Additional acccessories for security are safety sensors. Panels are generally fitted at very high places or in a distance, so it is hard to check if the panel was damaged, before it is too late and contamination occures. Sensors are exactly on/off switch, that indicate only weather or not explosion had place or maybe there is a different reason why the panel is open.

Each panel is manufactured in a copy of 3 pcs, where 2 pcs are intended for laboratory damaging tests by explosion. Based on test result a certificate is provided with the panel.

Safety and quality

Explosion panels have a wide range of applications such  as silo,cyclone, filtration system or other storage continer.

In compliance with: 94/9/CE 1994 – with conformity certs:

  • EX II GD,
  • EN14491
  • EN 14994
  • EN 14797 -2007
  • EN 1127.1-2008
  • WE – construction type examination certificate : INERIS 08ATEX038X
  • Certificate for product safety: INERIS 08ATEXQ406

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