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V belts

There are below types of V belts:

  • Classic V belt (example: 5, 6, 8, Z/10, A/13, B/17, 20, C/22, 25, D/32, E/40)
  • Classic cogged type V belt
  • Narrow V belts (SPZ, SPA, SPB, SPC)
  • Narrow cogged type  V belts
  • double cogged V belts (AA, BB, CC, DD)
  • Variable speed belts
  • Banded V belts
  • Modular V belts – NUTLINK

All V belts are performed to meet the requirements of applications they were designed for, with carefuly selected materials and continuously improved technical methods.

Narrow V belts (also cogged version) are siutable to work under high loads and rotation speed. They work on small pulley diameters.

V belts are made of neophrene and reinforced with polyester cord. Belts that work on small pulley diameters should be cogged, for better flexibility. There is an availibility to made V belts of white rubber and with overlays.

Timing belts are used for drive and conveyor elements for heavy industry machines like:

  • press machines
  • grinding machines
  • small hydroelectric plants (MEW)
  • machines for wood processing
  • conveyor belt drives
  • roller conveyor drives

You can find belt data sheets on


v-belt-klasycznyKlasyczne pasy klinowe v-belt-dorolekPasy klinowe do rolek napinających grzbiet RED-S II
v-belt-zebate-2Klasyczne pasy klinowe z bokami otwartymi-uzębione v-belt-podwojnyPodwójne pasy klinowe
v-belt-waskiWąskoprofilowe pasy klinowe NARROW SP zespolone-pasy-1Zespolone pasy klinowe
v-belt-zebate-1Wąskoprofilowe pasy klinowe z otwartymi bokami – uzębione NARROW SPX
v-belt-dorolekPas klinowy DURAFLEX FHP
v-belt-waskiWąskoprofilowe pasy klinowe POWER Ace RMA
v-belt-poliuretanPoliuretanowe pasy klinowe BANCOLLAN
v-belt-zebate-1Wąskoprofilowe pasy klinowe z otwartymi bokami – uzębione POWER Ace
zespolone-pasy-2Zespolone pasy klinowe BANFLE SCRUM PU