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Timing belts with special equipments

We inform you that due to continuous development of machine construction we have expanded our range of products -timing belt to special apllications for instance:

  • positioning,
  • sucked,
  • blow,
  • holding by constant magnet,
  • pull out with the various surfaces of the overlays used in these belts,
  • and many others.

Timing belts are made by PU (polyurethane) and they have got a steel or kevlar cord inside.

Adapted for special work

To be able to make special tasks they are equipped with:

PU timming belt with cleats

Cleats– often have different and complicated shapes and are made from varius material (the most popular is plastic)

Pasy zębate PU z zabierakami
Timming belt with cover

Covers are made from varius material with varius coefficients of friction – in this belts we can milling grooves (longitudinal and transverse) and we can milling teeth of belt

Pasy zębate z nakładkami
Perforatoin – varius dimmension, shapes and locations Pasy zębate PU z perforacją

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Galery of belts with special equipments