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Flat belts

Pasy napedowe płaskie (paski napędowe płaskie)Flat belts are used for power transmission in standard and tangential drives. Belts for standard conveyor drives work unilaterally (friction layer on one side), but it is not a rule. Belts applicated for tangential drives have layers on both sides.

Flat belts offered by Enitra come with one of the three tension member materials:
 – A (aramide)
– E (polyester)
– P (polyamide)

Cięgna te różnią się między sobą własnościami co ma wpływ na pracę pasa i jego optymalny dobór przeprowadzany w oparciu o odpowiednie ankiety:

/ Tension menbers vary depending on their properties that influence belt working and for the proper selection of belt you need to fill out a suevy.

/ Survey

/ Survey

The tension member type has influence on the proper drive belt tension, our engineers can hel you to select the right drive belt for your application.

Friction layers are  of smaller matter than tension members. They are generally made of rubber (moisture, filth, oil and fat resistance)of certain top face texture (soft/rought texture, linear), polyeurethane (counter flextion work) or chrome tanned  leather (oil, fat resistance), and the newes belts are made of aramide foil.

The new generation of black-grey coloured rubber belts are of excellent abrasion resistance and maintain a constant coefficient whole life cycle of drive belt.


  • thin / flexible
  • constant friction coefficient,
  • high wear-resistance
  • high elastic modulus
  • laterally stiff
  • proven splicing methods
  • good damping properties


  • erfect energy consumprion
  • small turning diameters
  • assured spining maintenace
  • long service life
  • short tensioning distances
  • great slide when setting up
  • high edge stability
  • easy handling
  • transitory downtimes
  • extended bearing life
  • running without variation


Ability to transfer high power (up to 1 MW) with use optimal dimensions, small stretch krótkie drogi naprężania, oresistant for oils, greases, moisture low sensitivity to temperature changes, antystatic, sensitive to mechanical damage (for instance: Cut in edges in film made by PA or collapse in case of belts with film made by aramid).

Splicing methods depend on belt construction type. PA tension memeber belts can be spliced only by hot gluing (Thermofix), the rest of belts by finger welding (Flexproof).


All belts consist of layers (sandwich). The basis is above mentioned  tensile member (P, A, E) joint with a friction layer on one side and fabric layer protection tension member on top side (or friction layer on both sides). In case of PA tension member additonal PA fabrics occure as a joint between the tension memeber and NBR layer. Friction Layers protect the tension member agains damage.

Application – generally all machines and devices with belt drive such as np.: textile machines: twisting machines, spinning machines, fans, press and grinding machines, drillers, tracks, small hydroelectric plants (MEW), wood processing machines, belt and roller conveyor drives, etc….

Endless belts are made from a sleeve with polyester –  E or aramide – A (special applications) tension members and come with a rubber, polyurethane, leather or fabric covers on one or both sides. Endless finishing provides flexible, silent running work with high belt velocities  V > 60 m/s and counter flexions.

A big advantage of those belts is that they are siutable to work on smaller pulley diameters than spliced belts.

(EN) Katalog zawiera dane dotyczące pasów klinowych, zębatych ich podstawowe wymiary oraz typoszereg.

Machine Tapes

Machine tapes are a spacial group of belts. They are used in all types of machines and devices of belt drive:

  • textile machines: twisting machines, spinning machines, etc…
  • fans
  • press machines
  • rinding machines
  • drillers
  • tracks
  • small hydroelectric plants (MEW)
  • machines for wood processing
  • conveyor belt drives
  • roller conveyor drives
High performance rate is achieved by using hi-tech materials for the friction coating and tension member.

Extremultus range of belts is  durable, elastic, vibration- and shock-absorbent. They can be used at belt speeds of up to 100 m/s.