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deniway®ready-made solutions – transport systems based on a special chain and transport plates


The conveyor construction is based on a patented chain that, in conjunction with the transport plates:

    • Allows free twisting in the vertical and horizontal axis
    • Thanks to its design, it is a maintenance-free element with very high durability (more than 10 years – 20,000 hours warranty)
    • The chain design reduces movement resistance
    • Enables using high speed operation
    • Lead plate up to 450 mm wide
    • The conveyor construction is based on a special components

Benefits for the end User:

    • Energy savings (chain and load- total weight of over 7 tons – length over 300 m – need two motors of 2.2 kW each)
    • System of positioning recognited Product that enables accurate location of each transported unit without the use of barcodes
    • Thanks to its high durability, it ensures uninterrupted production
    • Low noise emission
    • Speed up to 2 m/s
    • Possibility to reuse the chain in case of changing geometry or section of transport (for instance: in case of adding new devices or changing configurations of transport line

Benefits for designers and builders of conveyors:

    • Simple and trouble-free assembly of conveyor elements (no channel of guide need not be welded
    • Thanks to the small resistance of the movement, it is possible to build a very long conveyor / conveyor (more than 300m) without transfer points and additional motors in place where line is curving
    • Due to its properties, there is practically no limitation in the design of the spatial shape of the conveyor
    • Thanks to its properties a very wave spectrum of applications (Spirals, “stadiums”, loops etc.)
    • Service limited to cyclic calibration and control of the drive lubrication system
    • More informations and films on website or in catalog deniway®


Sample ready-made elements of conveyor: