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denirug® – carrier components/elements for friction reduction  – parallel scheduling of havy loads.


For transportation of heavy loads on straight sections using modular conveyors extremely powerful drives, durable modular belta and sliding profiles are required.

denirug® is modular, so that a roller rug of any length or width can be produced. Due to reduced friction coefficient at the level of 0,03-0,05, up to 90% of the energy required for power transmission can be saved.


Advantages for the end user

  • ensures of production continuity due to conveyor breakdown reduction  (friction cuts, modular belt tension and conveyor drive elements overload reduction)
  • enables reliable operation of the conveyor and makes maintenance unnecessary (no need for sliding roll exchange – denirug® is maintenace-free)
  • reduction of enrgy consumption (up to 90%) , power supply costs reduction
  • reduction of  heat emmison during conveyor operation
  • easier machine start/hold up
  • allows faster conveying speeds or loads

 Advantages for designer and carrier builder

  • longer life span and competitive advantage same time
  • decreases the number of drives and transfer points and  keeps investment costs low same time
  • enhances abilities in conveyor designing due to load restriction limits reducing
  • availibility of existing conveyor upgrading not only for first installacion
  • availibility of modular belt application for areas that were not yet available for such solutions due to heavy loads.