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deniroll® – conveyor elements, rolling friction replaces sliding friction with  rolling elements that minimize curved modular belt resistance and wear also energy consumption.

Fricion on the inner side of each curve of modular carriers/conveyors occures during their operation. This causes elongation forces and sliding roll heat up and affects the modular belt also leads to belt deformation/melting or damage.


Picture made by thermal camera illustraing above described issue


Advantages for the end user

  • ensures of production continuity due to conveyor breakdown reduction  (friction cuts, modular belt tension and conveyor drive elements overload reduction)
  • enables reliable operation of the conveyor and makes maintenance unnecessary (no need for sliding roll on curves exchange – denirug® is maintenace-free)
  • reduction of enrgy consumption (up to 60%), power supply costs reduction
  • reduction of  heat emmison during conveyor operation
  • easier machine start/hold up
  • allows faster conveying speeds or loads

Advantages for designer and carrier builder

  • longer life span and competitive advantage same time
  • decreases the number of drives and transfer points and  keeps investment costs low same time
  • enhances abilities in conveyor designing due to load restriction limits reducing
  • availibility of existing conveyor upgrading not only for first installacion
  • deniroll®  is compatiblie with most type of modular belts (around 2/3 of modular belt market)