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Readiness of ENITRA company in the context of COVID-19

Wałbrzych, 17.04.2020

Dear Customers and Suppliers in Poland and in the world,

We would like to inform you that our company in this difficult period for all of us threat of coronavirus “COVID-19” makes every effort to function safely and be able to deliver ordered goods to our customers, we know that we are needed for our 5000 customers in Poland and around the world.

We are aware that approximately 50% of our products and our engineering services secure you in EMERGENCY cases. Some of our employees, that is: 20 people from the Customer Service and Company Service Center, as well as 8 engineers of the (sales) market work remotely (home office), communicating with you by phone or e-mail, sending offers, confirmations or other arrangements. They are equally available at the phones numbers and e-mails, like other full-time employees during normal business hours. Production works as before.

All our stationary employees are coming to work in a safe way from 4 weeks, they are equipped with masks, gloves, hand disinfectants and maximum safe workplaces. Personal communication between departments is limited to phone and email contact. The company is disinfected and closed to everyone else. Pick up and deliveries of goods are made only at the company's gate while maintaining distance and resources security and complete absence of paper documents. We are grateful to ours stationary employees that they follow the procedures and everyone is healthy and thanks to this the company can work and fulfill your orders and our common goals.

We have large stock of tapes and belts of several million value. If it will not be belt or other product that you need, we can offer another replacement. Many of our Suppliers around the world are still working, so we will be delivering from them. Delays in deliveries may be related to difficulties related to freight forwarding and the period quarantining and disinfecting delivered goods to our company. We ask for your understanding because we do it for our common security.


Kind regards,
President of the Board Tadeusz Ratajczyk together with the Board