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PU monolithic conveyor belts

PU monolithic belts manufactured by Volta Betting Technology Ltd.  are made of thermoplastic polyurethane material, which is of a homogenous cross-section (only one PU ply). The surface is smoooth, does not absorb moisture, hard (80 Sh A do 59 Sh D), oil, fat, cut and abrasion resistant.

Due to above properties belts are hygienic and siut perfectly for food industry applications such as:

  • meat, poultry processing
  • fish, seafood processing
  • chease manufacturing
  • fruit and vegetable processing
  • bread and confectionary products

The products  comply with internationl standards and UE regulations for products intended to come into contact with food (10/2011, 1935/2004 and Regulation 2002/72/EC).

For heavier load applications there are belts with fabric or fabric and PU bottom reinforcements, additionally for better protection against water absorption edges can be sealed.

Food grade Volta belts are of  various top structure patterns and can be equipped with side walls, cleats and tracking guides.

SuperDrive, DualDrive  and DualDrive SP are a special range of non-slip belts intended for food industy. Those belts are a geat alternative for modular belts.

Non-slip belt type catalogue


SuperDrive belt  combines  homogenous and modular belt properties togeather, due to teeth surface of friction side providing synchronous, non – slipping drive. In comparision to modular belts, Super Drive is more hygienic and easier to clean also water and cleaners saving. Belts come in any width and any length and work with Volta sprockets. Smooth and ITO-50 top pattern is available. Conveyor construcion for this and other non-slip type of belt is very easy.

DualDrive and DualDrive SP

DualDrive and DualDrive SP belts have above mentioned properties of SuperDrive belts – however vary depending on teeth and pitch  (50 and 20 mm), moreover except for smooth surface there are 2 different patterns available ITO-50 (shown above ) and IRT.

DualDrive is designed to match the Intralox Series 800 conveyors. It is siutable to work with  132 and 165  diameters without refitting. There is an option to fit other Volta sprockets. DualDrive SP works with a 50 mm pulley diameters.

Homogenous Volta GenCon belt serie is intended for general purposes (other than food)

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