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Grinding machine belt

Taśma do szlifierki Timberoll belts for grinding machines that we sell, are supplied to machine manufacturers and end users for over 35 years. The main advantage of thi product is endless finishing. Wood processing machine manufacturers often choose our belts for first installation.

We have 10 different profiles, 11 types of tension members, 12 combinations of rubber and hardnesses  in our offer.

The proper selection of right combination allows to match Timberoll belt  with the processing requirements for all materials. This helps to achieve desired  parameter of finished goods.

Our capabilities allow to manufacture endless belts up to  3000 mm width and up to  20000 mm length.

Truly endless Timberoll belts outstand with high flexibility, exceptional running linearity, maximum flatness and thickness uniformity, straightforward running, excellent sliding properties when working on slider bed, effective supporting of material carried.

The Timberoll endless belt is used for machines for sanding calibrating and dressing of heartwood, hardboard panels, plywood, veneer, laminated plastic (synthetic resin bonded laminate), corkboard panels.

 Timberoll belt structure

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