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Belt fastners

Złączki do taśm Mechanical fasters allow to minimalize the machine downtime by reducing the time of belt assembly with no need to conveyor disassembling or  when due to technical issues there is no possibility to fit the belt that is already closed or need to spliced.

Dobór złączek mechanicznych dokonuje się na podstawie następujących danych:

/For selection of proper fastner below data are basic:

  • minimum pulley diameters
  • thickness and durability of belt
  • type of material transportated on belt

The great selection of mechanical fastners enables to use  them almost for every industry for belts of  different thicknesses and widths.

Fastners can be made of galvanized or  stainless steel and plastic.

Apart from regular mechanical fastenings – hidden fastening installation are available. They are used when the  material transported on belt can not meet the mechanical fastner (fastner damage risk) or when it is required that the transportation side must to be even.

Most commonon used  mechanical fastners:

Złączka z drutu stalowegoZłączka płytkowaZłączka spiralna z tworzywa

Zastosowanie w zależności od grubości taśmy (przemysł lekki)/ The usage according to belt thickness (light industry)

Type Belt thickness[mm] Assembly
ANKER (wire) up to 10 special installation tooling + chuck
ALLIGATOR, SL (plate) 1,5- 6,4 special installation tooling
NIEKA (plate) up to 18 self-assemble using rivets and a hammer