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Buckets for vertical conveyor

Czerpaki (kubełki) do taśm elewatorowychBuckets for conveyor are economical solution for the vertical transport of fine, loose, granular and comminuted products. In our assortment we have got a wide range of buckets, dedicated screws in sets with nuts and washers.

Buckets are available in variety of dimenssion and could be made from :

  • pressed steel (in stalless steel and galvanized version)
  • welded
  • by injection molding of plastic
  • polyamide (PA)
  • polyethylene (PE HDP)
  • polyurethane (PU)

Buckets made by steel

Buckets pressed from steel compared with welded have many advantages. They are for instance:

  • lighter
  • more resistant
  • cheaper
  • more stronger, they are stiffer because of edge raise to up and added grooves which made bucket more stiffer
  • easier to empty thanks to rounded inner edges

Type of steel buckets and dimensions:

Kubelek_stalowy_tloczony_JET Kubelek_stalowy_tloczony_EUROJET Kubelek_stalowy_tloczony_SILOJET

There are two ways to produce pressed steel buckets:

  • manual production
  • automatic production

Automatic line can produce bucket JET and EUROJET until dimension 30/215 in standard thickness.In this kind of production only one operator is required to control all. For the production of buckets a rolled steel tape is used.

In manual production an operator is required in every stage.  Steel sheets are cut and then inserted into the press. The press extrudes buckets, then the edges are cut off and perforation is performed. All these phases of operation are performed manually. Manual production allow to create other types (SILOJET), for individual inquiry and very huge buckets.

The unit price of buckets reflects the type of production.

Manual production is more expensive becouse a few operators is required. One for each production phase.  On the other hand, it is easier to change device settings for different types of buckets. In this way very huge buckets and for special inquiry are produced. As a rule, these are small quantity.

Automatic production led to produce cheaper buckets but only in standard dimensions and requied quantity.

Plastic Buckets

For many owners of an elevator conveyor an interesting solution is to use buckets made of plastic. Wide assortment of plastic buckets allows the user to choose the best bucket for:

  • application
  • temperature range
  • abrasion resistance
  • color
  • price

Type of plastic buckets and dimensions:

Kubelek_z_tworzywa_JET  Kubelek_z_tworzywa_EUROJET Kubelek_z_tworzywa_bol Kubelek_z_tworzywa_superbol

Additional equipment of buckets

Pressed steel bucket for special inquiry can be equipment for additional reinforcement of the rear or front wall . Moreover we can offer buckets with additional perforation.

Wzmocniona_przednia_czesc_kubelka Wzmocniony_tyl_kubelka_pod_laczenie_srubami Wzmocniony_tylni_odlew_kubelka_pod_laczenie_srubami
Welded front reinforecement
 Bolted rear reinforecement Rear reinforecement moulding
 Wzmocniony_przedni_odlew_kubelka  Kubelki_z_bocznymi_otworami
Front reinforecement moulding Lateral borings Bottom borings


Dobór najodpowiedniejszego dla użytkownika kubełka pozwala na zastosowanie najlepszych rozwiązań technologicznych, a tym samym umożliwia zwiększenie wydajności. Doboru takiego dokonujemy w oparciu o wypełnioną ankietę:

 Elementy do połączeń

DIN Ø x Lmm Dmm d x Dmm d x Dmm
ŚrubaCountersunk lug bolt
Concave special cleat
Flat washer
M7x25 20 Galvanized steel alloyed 8×25 Galvanized steel alloyed 8×16 Galvanized steel alloyed
M7x28 24 8×25 8×16
M8x30 25 9×25 9×18
M8x30 28 9×32 9×18
M8x35 28 9×32 9×18
M10x36 35 11×35 11×22
M10x40 32 11×40 11×22


d x Dmm Ød x Dmm d x D mm Ø
Self locking nuts
Duze_owalne_podkladki_pod_lby_srubLarge oval cleat for bolt 10/36 Podkladka_dystansowa_wkleslaWasher  distance concave
M7 Galvanized steel alloyed Galvanized steel alloyed Polyamide 6/6
M8 Ø840×50 8,5×25 8
M10 Ø1050×60 10,5×35 10

Packed in 100 pieces