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Celebrating 25 years of Enitra
Eco-Enitra – stawiamy na rozwiązania ekologiczne
Eco-Enitra (english version)

About the company

Enitra Sp. z o.o. is a commercial company founded in 1996 in Wałbrzych, Poland and in 1997 has relocated to a new build premises of a modern architectural design on 1-go Maja street. From that time on the company is permanently developing. Every year Enitra is adding new products to its portfolio. Over these last years the company increased it’s production and warehousing area also the number of it’s employees  almost fourfold. Our database counts over 5000 Customers. A team of 80 professional skilled employees with long working experience with drive and conveyor elements takes care of the Customer, so he could be happy about our cooperation.

Enitra -pasy napędowe, taśmy transportujące

There is no doubt why our motto was stated at the beginning of business activity:

“Enitra is being managed by Customer’s needs and expectations  –  our Customers are those, who show us direction.”

  • Our regional  Technical representatives help to solve the Customer  technical issues related to drive and conveyor systems.
  • Our Customer Service  cares to deliver „just in time” and according to Customer’s expectation goods
  • Our  24h Service  provides quick and professional assembly and repair service at the Customer’s plant
  • Our Suppliers  are the leading companies in this business, who ensure about the quality and reliability of deliveries