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Conveyor belts

Conveyor belts offered by Enitra are in more than 90% light coneyor belts.  The rest of offered belts are made of material and rubber, for general usage and vertical transport… Read more »

Drive belts

Drive belts offered by Enitra, flat as well as profiled belts, are perfect solution for drive transmissioning. High efficiency  of belts is acheved  thanks to… Read more »

V belts

There are below types of V belts: Classic V belt (example: 5, 6, 8, Z/10, A/13, B/17, 20, C/22, 25, D/32, E/40) Classic cogged type V belt Narrow V belts… Read more »

Telescopic slides – Chambrelan

In our offer we have telescopic slides and  linear rails  of CHAMBRELAN brand . More than 30 types of slides are available, which have a load… Read more »

PVC stripe curtain

Our PVC curtain door and stripe production program includes: soft PVC foil in full rolls (50 m) or smaller quantity per request, curtain stripe sets for doors cut… Read more »


Sprockets are available in steel and special steel according to norms. They are suitable for  chains of standard pitches. Sprockets are available in standard and special versions (as per… Read more »

Belt fastners

Mechanical fasters allow to minimalize the machine downtime by reducing the time of belt assembly with no need to conveyor disassembling or  when due to technical issues there… Read more »


Pulleys are manufactured according to current standards valid for timing belts  (all standard pitch), V-belts, flat belts and Poly-V belts made of steel,… Read more »

Special small belts for machines